Indigenous International Trading Group of Canada Ltd.

An Indigenous owned import and wholesale company headquartered in Regina, Saskatchewan.  IITGC connects directly with factories in Asia to provide corporate procurers with cost savings on quality industrial and commercial products. We know how to source the materials and products you are looking for, how to follow up and control the production in order to meet your delivery time.

Our services:

Indigenous International Trading Group of Canada Ltd. (IITGC) offer services across many industries including Electronics, Mining, Oil and Gas, Agriculture, Human Resources, International Consulting and much more!

Local Experts

We understand the local, and world business environment and serve you to protect your interests. 

Why Choose Us?

Although, IITGC is a new company the owners/operators have decades of experience in linking buyers to their preferred purchase. We manage a project from sourcing suppliers to on-site delivery. Whether you want to test the market or you seek a long-term partner to manage all your purchasing operations and logistics in Asia, our expertise will serve your ambition.

Cost Savings

By sourcing directly from factories in Asia IITGC is able to create cost savings for our clients by reducing the number of brokers and middlemen involved in the procurement process.

High Quality Products

Accessing high-quality industrial and commercial products directly from factories in Asia makes life easier for buyers. IITGC is on top of up-to-date legislation and regulations and is always operating in a compliant manner.

Proactive Attitude

IITGC has a proactive attitude. We are serious about meeting buyer and industry requirements.